Who are the Anglo-Saxons

Who are the Anglo Saxons?

They were an Agrarian people living from the land in small family groups that become small tribes, these in turn could be in a group under a leader, their lives could be very short under the pressure of famine and war. This bound them in great loyalty to each other.

They came from three very powerful nations of the Germans (there is another group called the Frisians) so namely the Saxons (placed in modern Holstein, also the Saxons were a combination of small tribes coming together under one leader only in warfare), Angles (Angelyn, placed in modern Schleswig) and the Jutes (Jutland peninsula).

Map showing 3 Anglo-Saxon Invasions of Britain, c. 440-650
3 Anglo-Saxon Invasions of Britain, c. 440-650

The Jutes peopled the land of Kent and the Victuarii, that is, the race that peopled the Isle of Wight and that which in the land of the West Saxons (Wessex) situated opposite the same Isle of Wight is called the nation of the Jutes (up the Neon valley).

From the Saxons, that is from the region, which is now called East Saxons (Essex), South Saxons (Sussex) and the West Saxons (Wessex).

From the Angles came the East Angles (East Anglia), the Middle Angles, the Mercians, whole of the Northumbrian people, north of the Humber River.

To come across to Britain these three groups came through Frisia (Modern Ostfriesland), first they settled then moved on and with them would have been Frisians.

Also the Anglo Saxons would have already been here as mercenaries for the Roman Empire and towards the later part, a large part of the Legions, which caused disquiet with Rome.