In old English ‘Wilcuma’ means welcome guest, and this is how we wish you to feel when visiting our site.


The core of this site is the Anglo-Saxon/Englisc period dating from 449AD, when the mercenaries Hengist and Horsa arrived at Ebbsfleet, Kent, to the Englisc defeat on Senlac ridge (Battle), East Sussex, on that fateful day in 1066.

In life there are two aspects, one is the relative and the other the absolute, and the best way of showing this is the life of King Alfred ‘the Great’ (although he was the King of the Englisc and England, brought about by King Ecgbert. Alfred formulated and secured Wessex and then beyond, it was his son Edward ‘the Elder’ and his grandson Athelstan who actually went out and secured England in all its fullness as before). Alfred divided his time equally into two parts, one for the government of the kingdom, the relative, and the other part of building up the church of The Englisc Orthodox faith, the absolute.

In time we will expand on the life of this era through our website i.e. events, battles, way of life and the Englisc Orthodox church which is alive today and because it has hardly changed from then to now linking us with our forefathers, who like us use the church as a benchmark for dealing with life and beyond as we seek the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within each and everyone of us, guided by the church excepted by of our forefathers.

For us King Alfred ‘the Great’ is the core of our website, as he is the founder of England and for us the core of our business is the calendar, a daily reminder of our Englisc heritage, as you journey through our website we ‘wes thu hael’ / wish you well.