An English Orthodox Calendar

 An English Orthodox Calendar


Compiled and written by Vladimir Moss

This is a list of suggested additions to the Calendar of the Orthodox Church from among the Saints of Western, especially English, origin who reposed before the West fell away from Orthodoxy. It is based extensively on pre-Schism calendars – mainly Anglo-Saxon calendars from the tenth and eleventh centuries, but also the Hieronymian Martyrology and certain other Western Orthodox calendars – and reflects the bias of these calendars towards English, French, and Roman Saints; but the main Saints of other Western countries also included. With some exceptions, the commemorations of Saints who are already widely venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church are not included.

Listed in small capitals are those Saints who enjoyed universal veneration throughout Britain. Also included in angular brackets are several men and women for whose righteousness before God there is strong evidence, but for whom there is only little or no record of veneration in pre-Conquest times, together with those who died resisting the authority of the false pope and king during and after the Conquest. In particular, these latter include the last two Orthodox kings of England, Edward the Confessor and Harold II, and the last Orthodox English Hierarch, Ethelric. The letters [F] and [S] are attached to Saints of the first and second rank, respectively, in the calendar known as the Bosworth Psalter, which was compiled at Canterbury after 988 and before 1023.

All dates are for the ecclesiastical (Old, Orthodox, or Julian) calendar, which is thirteen days behind the secular (New, Papal, or Gregorian) calendar. Thus, for example, 1st September, Old Style, is 14th September, New Style. Where pre-Conquest dates of commemoration differ from post-conquest dates, the pre-Conquest are preferred, and where English dates are preferred. Thus, for example, the Prince-Martyr Wistan is listed under 1st January, not 1st June, and the Venerable Bede under 26th May, not 27th May. However, where ancient English dates of commemoration differ from contemporary Orthodox dates, the contemporary Orthodox dates are preferred, while the ancient English dates, for historical interest, are given in brackets. Thus, for example, Saint Ambrose of Milan is listed under 7th December, while his commemoration on 4th April is noted in brackets. Finally, those Saints for whom a specific date of commemoration is unknown or uncertain are listed together under the Sunday of All Saints.



1st Wistan, Prince-Martyr of Mercia (849)


2nd One Thousand Martyrs of Lichfield: Amphibalus, Hieromartyr, and 999 with him (early 4th C.)

[31st December] Sylvester, Pope of Rome (335) [S]

Isidore, Bishop of Seville (636)

Munchin the Wise, Bishop of Limerick (640)


3rd Genevieve, Nun of Paris (512)


5th <Edward the Confessor, King of England> (1066)

Translation of the Relics of Rumon of Tavistock.


7th Brannoc, Hieromonk of Braunton (6th C.)

Kentigerna, Hermitress of Inch Cailleach,Loch Lomond (ca. 735)


8th Severinus, Abbot of Noricum and Enlightener of Austria (482)

Nathalan, Layman of Aberdeenshire (678)

Pega, Hermitress of Peakirk (719)

<Edgar the Peaceable, King of England> (975)

Wulsin, Bishop of Sherbourne (1002)


9th Adrian, Abbot of Canterbury (710) [F]

Fillan, Abbot of Perthshire (early 8th C.)

translation of the Relics of Judoc of Saint-Josse-sur-Mer


10th Dermot, Abbot of Inchcleraun (6th C)

Saethryda, Nun of Faremoutier-en-Brie (7th C.)


12th Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth-Jarrow (689)


13th Hilarion, Bishop of Poitiers (368)

Remigius, Bishop of Rheims (533)

Kentigern, Bishop of Glasgow (612)


14th Felix, Confessor of Nola (260)


15th Ita, Abbess of Killeedy and “Foster Mother of the Saints of Ireland” (570)

Maurus, Disciple of Benedict of Monte-Cassino (6th C.)

Ceolwulf, King of Northumbria and Monk of Lindisfarne (764)


16th [1st August] Chains of the Holy Apostle Peter

Honoratus, Archbishop of Arles (429)

Fursey, Abbot of Burgh Castle and Peronne (650)


17th Sulpicius, Bishop of Bourges (647)

Mildgytha, Abbess of Eastry (8th C.)


18th Prisca, Virgin of Rome

Deicola, Abbot of Lure (Ca. 625)

<Ulfrid, Martyr of Sweden (1028)


19th Branwalator, Monk of Jersey (6th C.)

(or 24th July) Blaithmaic, Abbot of Iona and Hieromartyr, and those with him (825)


20th Fechin, Abbot of Cong (665)


21st Fructuosus, Bishop of Tarragona and Hieromartyr (259)

Agnes, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (305) [S]


22nd <Wendreda, Hermitess of March>

<Bertwald, Bishop of Ramsbury (1045)


23rd Emerentiana, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (ca. 304)

Paulinusm Bishop of Nola (431)


24th Felician, Bishop of Foligno (252)


25th Conversion of the Holy Apostle Paul (1st C.) [S]

[10th July] Felicitas, Januarius, Felix, Philip, Silvanus, Alexander, Vitalis, and Martial, Martyrs of Rome (2nd C.) [S]

Donwenna, Nun of Anglesey (6th C.)

Praejectus, Bishop of Clermont and Hieromartyr (676)


26th Conon, Bishop of the Isle of man (648)


27th Translation of the Relics of Ethelfleda of Romsey


29th Gildas the Wise, Hieromonk of Glastonbury and Rhuya (Ca. 570)


30th Bathildes, Queen of France and Nun of Chelles (680)


31st Maedoc, Bishop of Ferns (626)




1st [7th March] Perpetua, Felicitas, Satyrus, Revocanus, Saturninus, and Secundulus, Martyrs of Carthage (203)

Brigid, Abbess of Kildare and Patroness of Ireland (Ca. 525)

Seiriol, Abbot of Anglesey (6th C.)


2nd Laurence, Archbishop of Canterbury (619)


3rd Ia, Virgin-Martyr of Saint Ives, Cornwall

Werburga, Abbess of Hanbury (Ca. 700)

Anskar, Archbishop of Hamburg and Bremen and Enlightener of Denmark (865)


4th Modon, Abbot of Stirling and Falkirk (8th C.)


5th Agatha, Virgin-Martyr of Catania (215) (S)

<Alfred, Prince-Martyr of England (1036)>


6th Mel, Bishop of Ardagh (488)

Vedast, Bishop of Arras (539)

Amand, Bishop of Elnon (Ca. 675)


7th Augullus, Bishop of Augusta and Heirmartyr, and those with him: Anatolius, Andreas, Ammon, Statian, Nepotian, Sturninus, Lucius, and Saturna, Martyrs

Ronan, Bishop of Kilmaronen, Lennox (8th C.)

Romuald, Abbot of Ravenna (1027)


8th Kew, Virgin of Cornwall (5th C.)

<Elfleda, Abbess of Whitby (714)>

Cuthman, Hermit  of Steyning (8th C.)


9th Apollonia, Deaconess of Alexandria and Martyr (Ca. 249)

Teilo, Bishop of Llandaff (580)


10th Scholastica, Nun of Plombariola (543)

<Trumwine, Bishop of Abercorn (704)>


11th Caedmon, Monk of Whitby (680)

Gregory II, Pope of Rome (731)


12th Eulalia, Virgin-Martyr of Merida (304)

Ethilwald, Bishop of Lindisfarne (740)


13th Modomnoc, Abbot of Tibberaghny (6th C.)

Huna, Hieromonk of Huneya (7th C.)

Ermenhilda, Queen of Mercia and Abbess of Ely (Ca. 700)

Translation of the Relics of Edward the Martyr


15th Sigfrid, Bishop of Vaxjo, Apostle of Sweden, and Hieromartyr, and Unaman the Priest, Sunaman the Deacon, and Vinaman the Subdeacon, Martyrs of Sweden (1045)


16th Juliana, Virgin-Martyr of Naples (early 4th C.)


17th Loman, Bishop of Trim (Ca. 450)

Fintan, Abbot of Clonenagh (603)

Finan, Bishop of Lindisfarne (661)


18th [28th June] Leo the Great, Pope of Rome (461)

Colman, Bishop of Lindisfarne (Ca. 676)


21st <Earcongota, Nun of Faremoutier-en-Brie (Ca. 660)


22nd Throne of the Holy Apostle Peter at Antioch (S)

[5th January] Telesphorus, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr (136)


23rd <Jurmin, Prince of the East Anglia (7th C.)>

Mildburga, Abbess of Much Wenlock (715)


25th <Ethelbert, King of Kent and First English Christian King (616)>

Walburga, Abbess of Heidenheim (779)


27th <Alnoth, Hermit-Martyr of Stowe (Ca. 460)

Oswald, Archbishop of York (992)




1st David, Archbishop of Menevia, Wales (589)

Swithbert, Bishop of Kaiserworth (713)


2nd Joavan, Bishop of Leon (Ca. 562)

Chad, Bishop of Lichfield (672)


3rd Nonna, Nun of Altarnun (6th C.)

Winwaloe, Abbot of Landevennec (6th C.)


4th <Owini, Monk of Lastingham (Ca. 670)>

Adrian and Stalbrand, Bishop and Hieromartyrs, Geodianus and Gaius, Hieromatyrs, and those with them on the Isle of May (875)


5th Piran, Hermit of Perranporth (Ca. 480)

Ciaran, Bishop of Saighir (Ca. 600)

Virgilius, Archbishop of Arles (610)


6th Fridolin, Abbot of Sackingen and Enlightener of the Upper Rhine (7th C.)

Kyneburga and Kyneswitha, Abbesses of Castor, and Tibba, Hermitess of Ryhall (7th C.)

<Baldred, Hermit of Bass Rock (756), and Billfrid, Hermit of Northumbria (8th C.)>


7th Enodoc, Hermit of Cornwall

Eosterwine, Abbot of Wearmouth-Jarrow (686)


8th Senan, Abbot of Scattery Island (Ca. 544)

Felix, Bishop of Dunwich and Enlightener of East Anglia (647)

<Duthac, Bishop of Ross (1065)>


9th (or 10th March or 11th March) Constantine, King, Hieromonk, and Hieromartyr of Kintyre (576)

<Bosa, Bishop of York (705)>


10th Kessog, Bishop of Monk`s Island, Loch Lomond (6th C.)


11th Oengus the Culdee, Bishop of Tallacht (824)

Eulgius, Priest of Cordova, and Leocritia, Virgin-Martyr of Cordova (859)


12th Paul Aurelian, Bishop of Leon (6th C.)

GREGORY THE GREAT, POPE OF ROME AND APOSTLE OF THE ENGLISH (604) [f] alternatively Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne who proclaimed the Celtic Church having been requested by King Oswald of Northumbria for Iona to send someone to Christianised the people which spread to most of England, many feel he rightly holds the title of the Apostle of England.

Mura, Abbot of Fahan (early 7th C.)

Alphege the Bald, Bishop of Winchester and Spiritual Father of Dunstan of Canterbury (951)


13th Mochoemoc, Abbot of Liath-mor (7th C.)


14th [21st March] BENEDICT, ABBOT OF MONTE CASSINO (Ca. 550) [F]


16th Finan Lobur, Abbot of Swords (6th C.)


17th Patrick, Archbihop of Armagh and Enlightener of Ireland (464)


18th Finan, Monk of Aberdeen (Ca. 600)

Edward the Martyr, King of England (979)


19th <Alcumund. Prince-Martyr of Northumbria (Ca. 800)



<Herbert, Priest-Hermit of Derwentwater (687)>

Wulfram, Archbishop of Sens (late 7th C.)


21st Lupicinus, Abbot of Laucone Ca. 480)

Enda, Abbot of Inishmore, Aran Islands, and Founder of Irish Monasticism (Ca. 530)


23rd Gwinear, Monk of Cornwall (6th C.)


24th Macartan, Bishop of Clogher (Ca. 505)

Hildelitha, Abbess of Barking (Ca. 712)


26th Rupert, Bishop of Worms (Ca. 710)

Liudger, Bishop of Munster (Ca. 809)


29th Gundleus and Gladys, Parents of Cadoc of Llancarfan (6th C)


30th <Osburga, Abbess of Coventry (Ca. 1018)>




1st Tewdric, Prince of Glamorgan and Hermit of Tintern, Wales (6th C.)

Valery, Abbot of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme (620)


5th Derfel, Monk of Bardsey (6th C.)


6th <Brychan, Prince of Brecon (6th C.)>

<Elstan, Bishop of Ramsbury (981)>


7th (or 6th April) Goran, Hermit of Cornwall (6th C.)

Finan Cam, Abbot of Kinnity (Ca. 600)


9th Madrun. Laywoman of Cornwall (5th C.)


10th <Hedda, Abbot-Martyr, and Eighty-four Monk-Martyrs of Peterborough (869)

<Beocca and Hethor, Monk-Martyrs, and Ninety Monk-Martyrs of Chertsey (869)


11th [2nd July] Processus and Martinian. Martyrs of Rome (1st C.) [S]



12th Zeno, bishop of Verona and Confessor (371)


13th Martin, Pope of Rome and Confessor (655)


15th Paternus, Bishop of Llanabadarn Fawr (Ca. 500)

Ruadhan, Abbot of Lotha (584)


16th Paternus, Bishop of Avranches (564)


17th (17th May) Donan, Abbot-Martyr, and Fifty-Two Monk-Martyrs of the Isle of Eigg (618)


18th Laserian, Abbot of Inishmurray (639)


19th Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury and Hieromartyr (1012)


20th <Caedwalla-Peter, King of Wessex (689)


21st Beuno, Abbot of Clynnog Fawr (6th C.)

Ethilwald, Hiermomonk of Farne (699)

Maelrubba, Abbot of Applecoss and Enlightener of the North Picts (Ca. 722)


22nd Epipodius, Martyr of Lyons (177)


23rd <Ethelbert, King of Wessex (871)>

Adalbert, Bishop of Prague and Hieromartyr (997)


24th Alexander, Martyr of Lyons (177)

Yvo, Bishop of Slepe, Huntingdonshire (6th C.)

Mellitus, Archbishop of Canterbury (644) [S]

Egbert, Abbot of Iona (729)

Translation of the Relics of Wilfrid of York and Hexham


25th <Aelfwold, Bishop of Sherbourne (11th C.)>


26th Anacletus, Pope of Rome and Hiermomarytr (91)

Richarius, hermit of Forest-Moutier (Ca. 645)


27th Maughold, Bishop of the Isle of Man (498)


28th Dedication of the Church of Saint Vitalis the Martyr at Rome (3rd C.)


29th Endelienta, Hermistress of Saint Endolion (6th C.)

Wilfrid II, Bishop of York (744)


30th Earconwald, Bishop of London (693)




1st Brioc, Abbot of Saint-Brieuc (6th C.)

Corentin, Bishop of Quimper (6th C.)

Marcul, Hiermomonk of Corbeny (Ca. 558)

Asaph,Bishop of Llanelwy (early 7th C.)

Translation of the Relics of Walburga of Heidenheim


3rd Glywys, Monk-Martyr of Cornwall (6th C.)

<Aethelwine, Bishop of Lindsey (692)


5th Hilarion, Archbishop of Arles (449)

Hydroc, Hermit of Cornwall


6th Edbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne (698)


7th Liudhard, Bishop of Senlis (Ca. 603)

John of Beverley, Bishop of York (721)


8th  Victor, Martyr of Milan (303)

Indract, Martyr of Shapwick, and those with him (Ca. 700)

Wiro, Bishop of Utrech (Ca. 753)

Odger, Hierodeacon of Odilienberg (8th C.)


9th [10th May] Gordion, Martyr of Rome, and Epimachus, Martyr of Alexandria (Ca. 250) [S]


10th Conlleth, Bishop of Killdare (Ca. 520)


11th Tudy, Abbot of Lle-Tudy (6th C.)

Comgall, Abbot of Bangor, Ireland (Ca. 601)


12th Pancras, Nereus, and Achilles, Martyrs of Rome (304) [S]

<Ethelhard, Archbishop of Canterbury (805)>


13th [27th February] Leander, Bishop of Seville (600)


14th Carthage, Bishop of Lismore (637)


15th Brithun, Abbot of Beverley (733)


16th Peregrine, Bishop of Auxerre and Hieromartyr (Ca. 261)

Carantoc, Monk of Carhampton and Cornwall (6th C.)

Brendon the Navigator, Abbot of Clonfert (Ca. 575)


17th Madron, monk of Cornwall (6th C.)


18th Elgiva, Queen of England and Abbess of Shaftsbury (944)

Translation of the Relics of Mildred of Thanet




20th Ethelbert, King-Martyr of East-Anglia (794)


21st Collen, monk of Llangollen (7th C.)


22nd Helen of Caernarvon, Wife of Emperor Maximus (Ca. 400)


23rd Desiderius, Bishop of Vienne and Hieromartyr (Ca. 607)


24th Vincent, Hieromonk of Lerins (Ca. 450)


25th Urban, Pope of Rome and Heiromartyr (230)

Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne (709)


26th Priscus, Martyr of Auxerre (Ca. 272)


Bede the Venerable, Hieromonk of Wearmouth-Jarrow (735)


28th Germanus, Bishop of Paris (576)


29th Buryan of Cornwall


30th Hubert, Bishop of Maastricht (727)


31st Petronella, Virgin-Martyr of Rome




1st Gwen Teirbron of Brittany, Mother of Winwaloe of Lande-vennic (6th C.)

Ronan, Hermit of Locronan (9th C.)


2nd Pothinus, Bishop of Lyons and Hieromartyr (177)

Marcellinus the Priest and Peter the Exorcist, martyrs of Rome (304) [S]

Oda the Good, Archbishop of Canterbury (958)


3rd [8th January] Lucian the Bishop, Maxian the Priest and Julian the Deacon, Hieromartyrs of Beauvais (1st C.)

Clothilda, Queen of France (545)

Kevin, Abbot of Glendalough (618)


4th Petroc, Abbot of Padstow and Bodmin (564)

Eadfrid, Bishop of Lindisfarne (712)


5th Illidius, Bishop of Clermont (385)

Winfrid-Boniface, Archbishop of Mainz, Enlightener of Germany, and Hieromartyr, and those with him: Eoban, Bishop; Wintrung, Wlathere, and Ethelhere, Priests; Hamrind, Scirbald, and Bosa, Deacons; Wacher, Gundeacer, Illhere, and Hathowulf, Monks (754)


6th Gudwal, Abbot of Worcester (6th C.)

Jarlath, Bishop of Tuam (Ca. 550)


7th [6th January] Marcellus, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr (309) [S]

Meriasek, Bishop of Camborne (6th C.)

Colman, Bishop of Dromore (6th C.)


8th Medard, Bishop of Vermandois (Ca. 560)

<Translation of the Relics of Boisil of Melrose>

Translation of the Relics of Alphege of Canterbury


9th  Priscus and Felician, Martyrs of Nomentum (Ca. 297) [S]

Columba, Abbot of Iona and Enlightener of the Irish Scots (597)


10th Ithamar, Bishop of Rochester (Ca. 660)

Translation of the Relics of Yvo of Slepe


12th Basilides, Quirinus, Nabor, and Nazurius, Martyrs of Rome [S]

Odulf, Hieromonk of Utrecht (855)

<Eskil, Bishop of Strangnas, Sweden, and Hieromartyr (1080)


14th Dogmael, Monk of Pembrokeshire (6th C.)


15th Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia, Martyrs of Lucania (Ca. 303)

Trillo, Abbot of Llandrillo (5th C.)

Edburga, Nun of Winchester (960) [S]


16th Ismael, Bishop of Minevia (6th C.)

Juliot of Luxulyan, Sister of Nectan of Hartland (6th C.)


17th Nectan, Hermit-Martyr of Hartland (Ca. 550)

Botolph, Abbot of Ikanhoe, and Adolph, Bishop of Maastricht (Ca. 680)

Moling, Bishop of Ferns (697)


20th Govan, Hermit of Pembrokeshire (6th C.)


21st Mewan, Abbot of Saint-Meen (6th C.)

Leofrid, Abbot of La-Croix-Leufroy (738)



Julius and Aaron, Martyrs of Caerleon (Ca. 304)

Gwen, Virgin-Martyr of Wales (Ca. 650)

Ebba II, Abbess-Martyr of Coldingham, and those with her (870)


23rd Etheldreda, Queen of Northumbria and Abbess of Ely (679) [S]


24th Germoe, Bishop of Germoe, Cornwall


25th Moluag, Monk of Lismore, Scotland (592)

Adalbert, Deacon of Egmond (Ca. 710)


26th John and Paul, Martyrs of Rome (4th C.) [S]

Salvus, Bishop of Valenciennes and Hieromartyr (Ca. 768)


28th Austell, Monk of Saint-Meen (6th C.)




1st Serf, Bishop and Apostle of Western Fife (6th C.)

Gallus, Bishop of Clermont (551)


2nd Oudoceus, Bishop of Llandaff (Ca. 615)

Swithun, Bishop of Winchester (862)


3rd Germanus, Bishop of the Isle of Man (Ca. 475)


4th Ulric, Bishop of Augsburg (973)

Translation of the Relics of Martin of Tours


5th Morwenna, Hermitess of Morwenstow (6th C.)

<Modwenna, Hermitess of Burton-on-Trent (7th C.)


6th [4th February] Valentine, Priest of Rome and Hieromartyr (269) [S]

Monenna, Abbes of Killeevy (Ca. 518)

Sexburga, Queen of Kent and Abbess of Ely (Ca. 700)


7th Palladius, Bishop of Ireland and Dal Raita (5th C.)

<Boisil, Abbot of Melrose (Ca. 661)>

Ethelburga, Abbess of Faremoutier-en-Brie (664)

Hedda, Bishop of Winchester (705)

Willibald, Bishop of Eichstatt (761)

Maelruain, Abbot of Tallaght (792)


8th Urith, Virgin-Martyr of Chittlehampton (6th C.)

Killian, Bishop of Wurzburg and Hieromartyr (Ca. 689)

Withburga, Hermitress of East Dereham (Ca. 743)

Grimbald, Hieromonk of Winchester (901)


10th Canute, King-Martyr of Denmark (1086)


11th Drostan, Abbot of Deer, Aberdeenshire (early 7th C.)

Translation of the Relics of Benedict of Monte Cassino [S]


13th [27th January] Julian, Bishop of Le Mans (1st C.)

Mildred, Abbess of Thanet (Ca. 725) [S]

Translation of the Relics of Juthwara of Exeter


15th Rumon, Bishop of Tavistock (6th C.)

Deusdedit, Archbishop of Canterbury (664) [S]

Donald, Layman of Ogilvy (early 8th C.)

<Edith, Virgin of Polesworth (10th C.)>

<David of Munkthorp, Bishop of Vasteras, Sweden (1080)

Translation of the Relics of Swithin of Winchester


16th Helier, Hermit-Martyr of Jersey (6th C.)

Tenenan, Bishop of Leon (7th C.)

Plechelm, Bishop of Odilienberg (8th C.)


17th Kenelm, Prince-Martyr of Mercia


18th Arnulf, bishop of Mertz (641)

Translation of the Relics of Edburga of Winchester


20th <Wulmar, Hieromonk of Hautmont (Ca. 700)


21st Praxedes, Virgin of Rome (1st or 2nd C.) [S]

Victor. Martyr of Marseilles (304)


22nd Wandregisilus, Abbot of Fontenelle (668)


23rd Apollinaris, Bishop of Revenna and Hieromartyr (1st C.)


24th Declan, Abbot of Ardmore (5th C.)

Wulfade and Rufine, Prince-Martyrs of Mercia (7th C.)


25th [2nd June] Sanctus. Maturus, attalus, and Blandina. Martyrs of Lyons (177)


28th Samson, Bishop of Dol (565)


29th Simplicius, Faustinus, and Beatrice, Martyrs of Rome (Ca. 304) [S]

Lupus, Bishop of Troyes (479)

Sulian, Abbot of Luxulyan, Cornwall (6th C.)

Olaf, King-Martyr of Norway (1030)


30th [14th February] Valentine, Bishop of Interamna and Hieromartyr (273) [S]

Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs of Rome (303) [S]

<Tatwin, Archbishop of Canterbury (734)


31st Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre (448)

Neot, Hieromonk of Neotstoke (877)




1st Eusebius, Bishop of Vercelli (371)

(or 31st July or 2nd August) Sidwell, Virgin-Martyr of Exeter (6th C.)

Kenneth, Monk of Ploumelin (6th C.)

Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester (984)


2nd Etheldritha, Hermitess of Crowland (Ca. 835)

<Plegmund, Archbishop of Canterbury (914)>


3rd Translation of the Relics of Olaf of Norway


4th Sithney, Hermit of Sithney, Cornwall

Molua, Abbot of Killaloe (Ca. 609)


5th [20th January] Fabian, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr (250)

Afra, Eunomia, Digna, and Eutropia, Martyrs of Augsburg (Ca. 304)

Oswald, King-Martyr of Northumbria (642) [S]

Gormgalius, Abbot of Ardoilen and “Confessor of the Saints of Ireland” (Ca. 1012)


6th <Hardulph, Hermit of Breedon (7th C.)


8th Cyriacus, Martyr of Rome (300) [S]

Lide, Hermit of Saint Helen`s, Scilly Isles (Ca. 1000)


10th Laurence, Archdeacon of Rome and Hieromartyr (258) [S]

[6th August] Sixtus, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr, and Felicissimus and Agapitus, Deacons of Rome and hieromartyrs (258) [S]

<Bettelin, Hermit of Stafford (8th C.)


11th Tiburtius, Martyr of Rome (286) [S]

Blane, Bishop of Bute and Dunblane (late 6th C.)


12th Murtagh, Bishop of killala (6th C.)

<Jambert, Archbishop of Canterbury (792)>

Translation of the Relics of Edwold of Cerne


13th Hippolytus, Concordia, Irenaeus, and Abundius, Martyrs of Rome, and those with them (258)

Cassian, Martyr of Imola

Radegund, Queen of France and Abbess of Poitiers (587)

Wigbert, Abbot of Fritzlar (738)


14th Fachanan, Abbot of Ross Carbery, West Cork (Ca. 600)


15th Tarsicius, Deacon of Rome and Hieromartyr (3rd or 4th C.)


16th <Armel, Abbot of Plouarmel (Ca. 552)>

Stephen, King and Enlightener of Hungary (1038)


17th <James, Hierodeacon of York (late 7th C.)>


18th Agapitus, Martyr of Praeneste (275) [S]


19th Credan, Abbot of Evesham (8th C.)


20th Oswin, King-Martyr of Deira (6510


21st Sidonius Apollinaris, Bishop of Clermont (482)


22nd Timothy, Martyr of Rome (Ca. 304)

<Arnulf, Hermit of Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire>


23rd Tydfil, Virgin-Martyr of Merthy Tydfil (Ca. 500)


24th Ouen, Bishop of Rouen (684)

<[26th August] Bregwine, Archbishop of Canterbury (764)>


25th  Genesius the Actor, Martyr of Rome

Genesius, Martyr of Arles (Ca. 250)

<Ebba I, Abbess of Coldingham (683)


27th Decuman, Hermit-Martyr of Watchet (6th C.)


28th Julian, Martyr of Broude

Hermes. Martyr of Rome (3rd C.) [S]


29th <Sebbi, King and Monk of Essex (Ca. 700)>

Edwold, Hermit of Cerne, Dorset (Ca. 900)


30th Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs of Rome (Ca. 304) [S]

Fiacre, Hermit of Meaux (Ca. 670)

Translation of the Relics of Guthlac of Crowland


31st [4th September] Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage and Hieromartyr (258)

Eanswythe, Abbess of Folkestone (640)

Aidan, Bishop of Lindisfarne and Enlightener of Northumbria, Apostle of England (651) [S]

Cuthburga (Ca. 725) and Coenburga (Ca. 735), Abbesses of Wimborne




1st Priscus, Martyr of Capua

<Drythelm, Monk of Melrose (Ca. 700)


3rd Consercration of Gregory the Great (590)


4th Ultan, Bishop of Meath (657)

Translation of the Relics of Birinus of Dorchester-on-Thames

Translation of the Relics of Cuthbert of Lindisfarne


5th Bertinus, Abbot of Saint-Omer (698)


6th Bega, Abbess of Saint Bee`s, Cumbria (7th C.)


7th Cloud, Hieromonk of Saint-Cloud (560)

Kinemark, Disciple of Dyfrig of Llandaff (6th C.)

<Tilbert, Bishop of Hexham (791)>


8th <Ethelburga, Princess of Kent and Abbess of Lyminge (647)>


9th Gorgonius and Dorotheus, Martyrs of Rome (304) [S]

Ciaran, Abbot of Clonmacnoise (548)

Omer, Bishop of Therouanne (Ca. 669)

Wilfrida, Abbess of Wilton (10th C.)

Wulfhilda, Abbess of Barking (Ca. 1000)


10th Finian, Abbot of Moville (579)

<Frithestan, Bishop of Winchester (Ca. 932)>

Translation of the Relics of Ethelwold of Winchester


11th Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs of Rome (3rd C.) [S]

Deiniol, Bishop of Bangor (Ca. 564)


12th Ailbe, Bishop of Imlech (527)


14th Cornelius, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr (253)


15th Nicomedes, Martyr of Rome [S]

Nicetas the Goth, Great Martyr of Wallachia (372)

Miran, Abbot of Inch Murryn, Loch Lomond (7th C.)


16th Ninian, Bishop of Whithorn and Enlightener of the South Picts (432)

Edith, Nun of Wilton (984)


17th Socrates and Stephen, Martyrs of Monmouth

Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht and Hieromartyr (Ca. 705)


19th Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury (690) [S]


22nd Maurice, Martyr of Saint-Maurice-en-Valais, and those with him (Ca. 287) [S]


23rd Adamnan, Abbot of Iona and “Sage of the Western World” (704)


24th Mawgan, Abbot of Cornwall (6th C.)


25th Cadoc, Abbot of Llancarfan (6th C.)

Finbar, Bishop of Cork (Ca. 610)

Ceolfrid, Abbot of Wearmouth-Jarrow and Spiritual Father of Bede the Venerable (716) [S]


27th Barry, Hermit of Barry Island, Wales (6th C.)


28th Machan, Bishop of Campsie, Pictland (6th C.)

Leoba, Abbess of Bischofsheim (782)




30th Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury (653)

Tancred, Torthred, and Tova, Hermit-Martyrs of Thorney (870)




1st Mylor, Prince-Martyr of Amesbury

Translation of the Relics of Remigius of Rheims


2nd Leger, Bishop of Autun and Hieromartyr (Ca. 679)


3rd Hewald the White and Hewald the Black, Priests of Dortmund and Hieromartyrs (Ca. 695)


7th Osyth, Abbess-Martyr of Chich (Ca. 700)


8th Keyne, Nun of Cornwall and Wales (6th C.)

Triduana, Hermitress of Restalrig, Pictland

Iwi, Hierodeacon of Lindisfarne and Brittany (7th C.)

Translation of the Relics of Aidan of Lindisfarne

Translation of the Relics of Ceolfrid of Wearmouth-Jarrow


10th Paulinus, Bishop of York and Rochester (644)


11th Kenneth< Abbot of Aghaboe and the Outer Hebrides (Ca. 600)

thelburga, Abbess of Barking (675)

<Agilbert, Bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames and Paris (Ca. 690)>


12th Edwin, King-Martyr of Northumbria (633)

Wilfrid, Bishop of York and Hexham (709)


13th Comgan, Abbot of Lochalsh, Skye (8th C.)


14th [18th June or 19th June] Gervasius, Protasius, Nazarius, and Celsus, Martyrs of Milan (1st or 2nd C.) [S]

Callistus, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr (222) [S]

Selevan, Hermit of Saint Levan, and Manacca, Abbess of Manaccan (5th or 6th C.)

Burchard, Bishop of Wurzburg (754)

<Harold II, King-Martyr of England, and those with him at Hastings (1066)


15th Thecla, Abbess of Kitzingen (790)

<Ethelric, Bishop of Durham, Hieromartyr, and Last English Orthodox Hierarch (1072)>


16th Gall, Hermit of Lake Constance and Enlightener of Switzerland (Ca. 645)

Lull, Archbishop of Mainz (786)


Ethelred and Ethelbricht, Prince-Martyrs of Kent (7th C.)

Nothelm, Archbishop of Canterbury (739)

Translation of the Relics of Etheldreda of Ely


18th Gwen, Mother of Cybi of Anglesey (6th C.)


19th Ethbin, Hermit of Brittany and Ireland and Disciple of Samson of Dol (6th C.)

Frideswide, Abbess of Oxford (Ca. 735)


20th Acca, bishop of Hexham and Whitborn (740)

<Tuda, Bishop of Lindisfarne (664)>

Condedus, Hermit of Fontenelle (late 7th C.)


22nd Donatus, Bishop of Fiesole (876)


23rd Ethelfleda, Abbess of Romsey (Ca. 1000)


24th Maglorius, Abbot of Sark (Ca. 575)


25th Crispin and Crispinianus, Martyrs of Soissons (Ca. 285)


26th Cedd, Bishop of Essex (664)

<Eata, Bishop of Hexham (686)>

<Alfred the Great, King of England (899)>


27th Odran, Monk of Iona (Ca. 563)


29th Colman, Bishop of Kilmacduagh (Ca. 632)


31st Quentin, Martyr of Saint-Quentin (287) [S]

[or 2nd November] Erc, Bishop of Lilcach

[or 30th October] Foillan, Abbot of Fosse (Ca. 653)

<Begu, Nun of Hackness (660)>




1st Cadfan, Abbot of Bardsey Island (5th C.)

Gwythian, Hermit of Cornwall (6th C.)

Vigor, Bishop of Bayeux (Ca. 537)

Translation of the Relics of Winfrid-Boniface of Mainz


2nd <Translation of the Relics of Ebba I of Coldingham>


3rd Clydog, Prince-Martyr of Merthir Clitauc (6th C.)

Winefrid, Nun of Holywell (7th C.)

[or 2nd November[ Rumwold, Infant of Buckingham (Ca. 700)

Translation of the Relics of Hubert of Maastricht

Translation of the Relics of Edith of Wilton


4th Sylvia, Nun of Rome (6th C.)

Clether, Hermit of Cornwall (6th C.)

Birnstan, Bishop of Winchester (934)


5th Kea, Bishop of Cornwall and Brittany (6th C.)


6th Illtud, Abbot of Llanilltud-Fawr (early 6th C.)

Melaine, Bishop of Rennes (Ca. 535)

Winnoc, Abbot of Wormhout (Ca. 717)


7th Willibrord-Clement, Archbishop of Utrecht and Enlightener of Holland (739)


8th Cybi, Monk of Anglesey (6th C.)

Tysilio, Monk of Llandysilio, Wales (7th C.)

Willehad, Bishop of Bremen (789)


9th <Benignus, bishop of Armagh and Hermit of Meare (5th C.)


10th Aodh, bishop of Meath (588)

Justis, Archbishop of Canterbury (627) [S]

Translation of the Relics of Willibrord-Clement of Utrecht


11th [22nd January] Vincent, Deacon of Saragossa and Hieromarytr (304) [S]



12th Machar, Bishop of Mull and Aberdeen (6th C.)

Livinus, Bishop of Aalst and Hieromartyr (Ca. 650)

Cadwaldr the Battle-Shunner, King of Wales (664)

Lebuin, Monk of Deventer (Ca. 775)


13th Brice, Bishop of Tours (444) [S]


14th Dyfrig, Archbishop of Llandaff (Ca. 550)

Modan, Bishop of Philorth (8th C.)


15th Malo, Bishop of Aleth (C. 600)

Fintan, Hermit of Rheinau (879)


17th Gregory, Bishop of Tours (Ca. 594)

Hilda, Abbess of Whitby (680)


18th Mawes, Bishop of Ile-Modez (5th C.)

Mabyn, Nun of Cornwall (6th C.)


19th [13th August] Hippoltus, Pope of Rome and Hieromartyr (235) [S]

<Ermenburga, Abbess of Thanet (Ca. 700)


20th Edmund, King and Martyr of East Anglia and Patron Saint of England (869)


21st Gelasius, Pope of Tome (496)

Columbanus, Abbot of luxeuil (615)


22nd Cecilia, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (229) [S]

[14th April] Tiburtius, Valerian, and Maximus, Martyrs of Rome (229) [S]


24th Chrysogonus, Martyr of Aquileia (Ca. 304)

Menefreda, Nun of Tredresick, Cornwall (6th C.)

Colman, Bishop of Cloyne (Ca. 606)

Enfleda, Abbess of Whitby (Ca. 704)


27th Congar, Bishop of Congresbury (6th C.)

Fergus, Bishop of Glamis (8th C.)


28th Juthwara, Virgin-Martyr of Exeter (6th C.)

Gregory III, Pope of Rome (741)


29th Brendan, Abbot of Birr (573)

<Ethelwin, Hermit of Athelney (7th C.)




1st Tudwal, Bishop of Lan Pabu ((6th C.)

Eligius, Bishop of Noyon (Ca. 660)


2nd Viviana, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (363)


3rd Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester-on-Thames and Enlightener of Wessex (651)


4th Translation of the Relics of Nectan of Hartland


5th Justinian, Hieromarytr of Ramsey Island and Spiritual Father of David of Wales (6th C.)


7th (4th April) Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (397)

Diuma, Bishop of Mercia and Enlightener of Middle Anglia (658)


8th Budoc, Bishop of Plourin (6th C.)


12th Finian, Abbot of Clonard and “Teacher of the Saints of Ireland (549)


13th Lucy, Virgin-Martyr of Syracuse (304) [S]

Judoc, Hermit of Saint-Josse-sur-Mer (Ca. 668)

<Edburga, Abbess of Thanet (751)>


14th Fingar and Piaba, Martyrs of Hayle, Cornwall (Ca.455)

Hybald, Abbot of Hibaldstow (7th C.)


15th <Offa, King and Monk of Essex (Ca. 709)>


17th Sturm, Abbot of Fulda (779)


18th [20th January] Sebastian, Martyr of Rome (287) [S]

[18th June] Mark and Marcellian, Martyrs of Rome (287)

[8th November] Claudius, Nicostratus, Simpronian, and Castorius, Martyrs of Rome (287) [S]

Flannan, Bishop of Killaloe (7th C.)

Samthann, Abbess of Clonbronney (739)

Wunebald, Abbot of Heidenheim (761)


23rd <Frithebert, Bishop of Hexham) (766)>


24th Mochua, Abbot of Timahoe (Ca. 657)


25th <Alburga, Abbess of Wilton (Ca. 810)


26th Tathan, Abbot of Caerwent (Ca. 550)


29th Evroul, Abbot  of Saint-Evroul (706)


30th Peter, Abbot of Canterbury (607)

Egwin, Bishop of Worcester (717)



First Sunday after Pentecost, between 17th May and 20th June [1st November]

Martyrs of Guildford

Placid, disciple of Benedict of Monte Cassino (6th C.)

Wulvella of Cornwall, Sister of Sidwell of Exeter (6th C.)

Bertha, Queen of Kent (7th C.)

Adolph, Prince of East Anglia (7th C.)

Ostrythe, Queen-Martyr of Mercia (697)