The Vikings and their origins



The Anglo-Saxon/Englisc medicine was a mixture of their own practices, influenced by the practices of Greeks and Romans. They used invasive surgery, prescriptions of potions especially herbal ones which could be very effective for the conditions they were prescribed for or no effect at all, even the reverse. There was magic used by the local shaman of the heathen faith, later to become the priest of the church who cured by faith alone! It was a very mixed bag of ideas and practices, the wealthy could employ a practitioner of medicine, whilst the ordinary people would use remedies handed down to them especially herbal remedies. Held in the British Museum is a book compiled in this era that prescribes cures for many different medical conditions which includes bloodletting. Anglo-Saxon/Englisc medicine was on par with the rest of Europe of the time, their biggest plus having a simple and robust diet which stood them in good stead, like the diet which was used during the Second World War, the real problem was the lack of personal hygiene at the time, which could cause problems, they would certainly smell which would certainly offend our nostrils of today!