King Edward

King Edward the “Martyr”

In March 978 King Edward rode to Corfe Castle after a day hunting on the Isle of Purbeck Heathland, he was greeted by his stepmother with a welcome cup of mead, whilst excepting this greeting the attendant who gave him the cup stabbed him, Edward’s horse galloped off in the mayhem that followed with Edward being dragged along as his foot was trapped in the stirrup, his body was found later several miles away, his body was first put in a woman’s cottage, then later buried in Wareham’s Abbey. His stepmother who wished to have her son crowned King and the magnates who were opposed to Edwards reform of the church, now had their way. King Ethelred was too young to be King so his mother was his consort until he came of age. Archbishop Dunstan who saw all this gave a very solemn sermon, that England would suffer misfortune for this terrible deed, which it did in the unhappy reign of King Ethelred `the unready`, who did not respond effectively to Viking raids and the benefit of his crowning was very soon negated. Ethelred had built a Shrine for his stepbrother at Shaftsbury Abbey who became known as King Edward ‘the Martyr’.
Saint Edward Brotherhood

The Saint Edward Brotherhood was established at Brookwood, Surrey in 1982 to prepare and care for the church in which the sacred relics of Saint Edward `the martyr` were to be enshrined. A small monastic community, which is hoped will increase, chants the services of the church daily at the Shrine, and their numbers are augmented on Sundays and feast days by a number of orthodox believers who form a mission parish. Since the schism of the Roman Church in the eleventh century there has been no indigenous Orthodox Church in this country, and so those English people who have turned to Orthodoxy have, of necessity joined one of the churches from Eastern Europe which have establishes parishes here: the Greek, Russian and Serbian Orthodox Churches. This community is under the spiritual direction of Archbishop Mark, a hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (The church is now under the direction of the Omophorion of Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos and fili of the Synod in Resistance in Greece). In receiving and enshrining the sacred relics of Saint Edward ‘the Martyr’, however, they bear witness to the fact that for many centuries the light of Orthodoxy shone in these Isles, and they look back with gratitude and filial piety not only to the spiritual heritage of the Greek Orthodox peoples, whose witness has kindled a love of Orthodoxy in our hearts again, but also to the spiritual athletes of our land, who shone forth in piety in the first ten centuries of the Christian era.

Service Schedule at St. Edward’s Church

Martins at 7.30am
Divine Liturgy at approximately 9.45am
Vespers chanted after the parish breakfast at 2.00pm

Saturdays and Weekdays
Matins at 7.00am
Divine Liturgy at approximately 8.30am
Vespers at 6.00pm

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the Orthodox Church and teachings, please write to:

Saint Edward Brotherhood,
Saint Cyprian’s Avenue,
Brookwood, Nr Woking,
GU24 0BL

Telephone: 01483 487763