Saints & Martyrs


Saints & Martyrs

St. Aidan passed on 651
The Apostle of Northumbria, was the founder and the first bishop of the monastery on the Island of Lindisfarne. He is credited with restoring Christianity to Northumbria, being a Celtic/British orthodox Christian.

St. Augustine born early 6th century passed on 604
Apostle of the Englisc, a founder of the Englisc Church and a patron of England, being the first Archbishop of Canterbury being an orthodox Christian.

St. Bede, 620-664
Saint Bede, the venerable Bede, a Benedictine monk who lived virtually his whole life at the monastery of St. Peter of Monkwearmouth, Northumbria, wrote the book ‘The ecclesiatical history of the Englisc people’, being an Englisc orthodox Christian.

St. Boniface, 672-754
Apostle of the Germans, borne Wynfrith in Crediton in Wessex now Devon, a missionary in the Frankish Empire, an Englisc orthodox Christian.

St. Cedd, 620-664
The evangelist of the Middle Angles and the East Saxons, born in Northumbria and brought up on the Island of Lindisfarne by St. Aidan, he was a Celtic.

St. Columba, 521-597
Columba of Iona, Apostle of the Picts was an outstanding missionary among the Gaelic monks in Ireland, moved to Scotland/Pictland being granted the Island of Iona, which became his centre for evangelising the Picts. A Celtic/British orthodox Christian.

St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, 634-687
Patron Saint of Northumbria and a patron of England. He was an outstanding man of Northumbrian origin becoming a hermit but a synod gave him bishopric of Lindisfarne, he did except this after some persuasion but he went back to his little Island when he could. He saw the transition from Celtic/British orthodoxy, which he was to Englisc orthodoxy.

King Edmund the Martyr, 962-978
Being King of the East Angles, he refused to give up his faith in the face of torture by the Danes who had captured him after the defeat of his army, he died a martyr.

King Edward the Martyr, 962-978
Being king of the Englisc he was murdered at Corfe Castle in Dorsetshire by a servant of his stepmother as he bent down to accept a drink offered to him after hunting on Purbeck heath. He defended the Church against magnates who wanted to take the lands from the church for their own profit.

St. Felix passed on 647
Apostle of the East Angles he came from Burgandy who came over with Sigbert, the exiled son of Radwald the first Christian King of the East Angles when he returned. St. Felix did great missionary work, Felixstowe in Suffolk is named after him.

St. Hild, 614-680 Hilda of WhitbyLife of St. Hild

She was of royal birth but decided to become a nun becoming the founding Abbess of the Monastery at Whitby. She was of the Celtic/British orthodox persuasion but it was at her Abbey that the synod was held to decide who to follow Celtic/British orthodoxy or Englisc orthodoxy which was the one that was decided on. She was an outstanding woman whose advice was sort by Kings and Princes.